Read Victoria was established in 2019 by Jackie Nieuwenhuizen, founder of All Reading, in response to an overwhelming demand for help with reading from many sectors of the community.

'As a primary teacher, reading specialist and Victorian Institute of Teaching registered teacher, many individuals and organisations contacted me looking for help with literacy.

From parents of young children through to adults – finding help that was actually helpful or affordable seemed to be incredibly difficult.'

Read Victoria offers programs for everyone: parents wanting to help their beginning readers; kids who need the right teaching; teenagers and adults who need age-appropriate, dignified teaching that works and works fast; schools and kindergartens wanting to teach reading in the way the evidence clearly tells us is most effective and efficient. 

Jackie is now joined by a dedicated committee and team of volunteers.


'Our volunteer reading coaches have joined us from all walks of life and report finding the work incredibly satisfying and rewarding as they watch learners grow in skills, abilities and confidence. '

' Our learners are of all ages and all abilities and are so excited to finally gain access to the benefits of literacy, to feel they are not stupid, to know they can learn, to be able to do the things that they want to do in future, to be able to read to their kids, to be able to find work and so much more!'

Everybody can learn to read – it’s all about getting the right teaching.

Read Victoria is currently spearheading the following community initiatives and education programs:

One-to-one Reading Teaching

Highly effective, supportive and warm specialist literacy teaching for all ages. Reading teaching that works using proven programs. The teaching follows the strong evidence we have about how best to teach reading so that everyone can learn.


From young beginners to teenagers and adults – it is never too late to learn to read.

School-based Volunteer Reading Coaches

Read Victoria trains and supports volunteer reading coaches to use the Turning Pages program.

This program comes from The Shannon Trust. Coaches work one-to-one with students from year 4 to year 12 in schools. We are supported in this work by the Lions and Rotary service clubs, the schools, community health services and private donations. If your school would like to be part of this highly successful program please contact us.

Volunteer Reading Coaches for Adults

Our new initiative is to train volunteer reading coaches to work with adults. This could be at community neighbourhood houses, libraries or other suitable organisations. This is based around the work of ReadEasyUK and The Shannon Trust who have worked with thousands of adult learners in the community and in the justice system across the UK. They are excited about us bringing this great program to Australia. 

Parent, Support Staff and Teacher Training, and Information

Learn to teach reading using programs that are designed for anyone to be able to successfully help someone learn to read. We can train you to use programs for young beginning readers or programs designed especially for teenagers and adults, age-appropriate and dignified.
We offer one-to-one or group training.

Contact us to plan a session to suit your needs.


We Need Your Support Today!

There are many ways you can help us expand and make an impact on literacy.